Tempel of geldfabriek?
Schlechtes Karma aber viel Geld - 1 Punkt oben noch abgezogen = 0 Punkte
the pura besakih case
AVOID: Huge scam, get aggressive not worth it!
be warned don't get ripped off
Beautiful but very dissappointing
big scam ?
Nice temple ruined by so called local guides and temple guards
No thanks, but beautiful
A beautiful place corrupted by greedy locals
Kann man sich sparen
Skip, or prepared for the fight!
be prepared .seriously !!!
Be prepared for a harrassment by the guides
Temple lovely, harrassment horrible
A sacred milch cow.
Good Place but Bad Experience
Beautiful but AVOID - the locals want to rip you off!

they know about this problem - not very difficult by that amount of bad behaving- first time i got harrased from besakih guides and staff 1989 !!!!!
so they believe with the new ticket to make a change: new ticket
but thats only a believe - is not possible to change money greedy characters. Now is even worse !